Wednesday 23 September, 2020

COVID-19: Councillors to get $140m for affected Jamaicans

The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development will provide a total of $140m to assist individuals affected by the coronavirus or (COVID-19) through parish councillors across the island.

According to Minister Desmond McKenzie, his ministry, the Ministry of Finance and Planning and the Ministry of Health and Wellness, will work out the guidelines for the allocation of the funds.

McKenzie, speaking during the COVID-19 press conference at Jamaica House on Friday, said, “local government is critical to community development and the councillors play a critical role in this fight against the COVID-19 and therefore the government through the Ministry of Local Government, will be making $140m available to be used amongst councillors.

“The benefits of the programmes are to reach those in the various communities across the country, who are affected by what is taking place,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to McKenzie, the government will start a daily feeding programme on Sunday, for homeless people across the country. He said breakfasts and dinners would be provided each day.

He said that drop off points will be at several locations across Kingston and St Andrew, which has the largest density of street people in Jamaica.

The drop off points are Carib Cinema’s car park, on Grenada Way in New Kingston, at Bethel Baptiste Church in Half-Way Tree and the car park of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Building, downtown Kingston.

According to McKenzie, these will complement efforts in other parishes to feed the island’s homeless. He said his Ministry, in the meantime, is seeking temporary homes for the island’s homeless.

McKenzie said, “we are now working assiduously to find a location, which we intend to put in motion early next week, where we can take some of these persons off the streets, especially in the corporate area, on a temporary basis.”

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