Monday 28 September, 2020

Narcotics police place local courier firms on their radar

Narcotics police say they are closely monitoring a number of local courier companies following reports that criminals are targeting these organisations and using them to smuggle drugs from out of the country.

Police say they are also paying keen attention to the industry especially with reports that there is a trend emerging in the island involving drug smugglers selling tobacco or marijuana laced with embalming fluid to their customers.

Police say they are now carrying out investigations to find out if the drug laced with chemicals were one of the illegal products being smuggled out of the country.

“It is not the first time that we are receiving reports about criminals smuggling drug especially marijuana using the courier service but what is equally concerning is this trend of lacing the drug in fluid that is used to preserve the body of dead,” one police officer told Loop News.

Police said the drug when placed in the mentioned chemical is normally used by criminals as it gives them a feeling of euphoria, it also makes them feel invincible and increases their tolerance level to pain.

“We are yet to collect samples of the drug covered in embalming fluid but we have been receiving reports that this is being done,” Detective Inspector Sheldon Coulson from the Narcotics police told Loop News after a press conference at the Ministry of National Security in Kingston on Friday.

The conference was held to highlight this year's International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which will be observed on June 26.

 “What we have found is that small-time traffickers are using these firms and using them to send small amounts of drugs through the courier services,” said Coulson.

“The packages are small but are sent frequently so if an individual should purchase a $100 bag of marijuana and pay approximately 3,000 Jamaican dollars to get it into the United States or the Eastern Caribbean, they can fetch anywhere between US$100 and US$150 for that… if they can send 20 of that for the week and 10 goes undetected, you will see how lucrative that aspect of the business is,” the detective inspector said.

According to the detective inspector, the ganja is mainly destined for the United States, and the Eastern Caribbean to a lesser extent.

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