Monday 15 July, 2019

Cops using football to help rebuild unity in Western Kingston

Countries across the world are using the game as a unifying force.

So it is not strange that a team of officers in the volatile Western Kingston Police Division is seeking to use the game of football as a vehicle to bring back unity among residents who have been divided by ongoing feuds.

Head of the division, Senior Superintendent Howard Chambers, told Loop News that to promote peace among residents who have been at odds with each other, local authorities have arranged a five-a-side competition to reach out to the youth.

"From this event we hope to attract people from all over the division, as we are seeking to build a level of togetherness among the citizens," said Chambers.

The event is being held under the name, ‘Football and Fitness Weekend’.

 Police said the over $100,000 in cash prizes will be on offer at the event that is now under way at the Tony Spaulding Sport Complex in the division.

Several of the top premier league players from across the country are noted to be out in support of the initiative.

Police said the division has been left suffering as a result of a deadly feud between rival gangs in Tivoli Gardens and Denham Town.

Police said the feud has claimed the life of more than 15 persons since the start of the year.

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