Sunday 19 January, 2020

Cops running into problems with alleged 'downtown' serial robber probe

The police are saying that while they have apprehended a man who they believe has been behind a series of robberies in downtown Kingston over the last month, despite the major ‘breakthrough’, they are now faced with the prospect of having to release the suspect without him being charged for any offence.

“The man who we have in custody, we believe he has been behind more than 20 robberies in the last month alone, but despite this major step, only a few persons are coming forward to tell what they know,” a police source told Loop News.

From indications, it appears that so far not enough evidence has emerged to lay any charge against the suspect.

“The man was held after he reportedly slashed the hand of a woman and stole her bag on Friday, and was about to escape, when members from a police team managed to apprehend him,” said a detective on the case.

The police said based on the limited support from members of the public over the last two days, they are again calling on persons who may have fallen victims to the reported criminal acts that the accused is believed to have figured in, to come forward.

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