Wednesday 3 June, 2020

Cops report success with probes into some major crimes in 3 parishes

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The police are reporting success in arresting and charging suspects in relation to a number of major crimes across three parishes of the country.

As a consequence, several suspects are now awaiting their court appearances.

Over in Westmoreland, detectives have charged 25 year-old Ralston Griffiths of Savanna-la-Mar for the March 9, 2019 murder of Gladstone Clarke, 68, a businessman of Deans Valley Housing Scheme in Petersfield in the parish, and the injuring of a woman.

Reports from the Westmoreland police were that on March 9 at about 8:55 a.m., Clarke arrived at his business place on Chantilly Road in Savanna-la-Mar and was in the process of opening the business place, when he was reportedly pounced upon by a man who immediately opened gunfire, hitting Clarke multiple times to his upper body.

An employee of Clarke who was close by, was also shot and injured.

Clarke’s licensed Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol loaded with an undetermined number of rounds of ammunition, and his cellular phone, were also taken by the attacker.

Griffiths was formally charged on Thursday with murder, wounding with intent and robbery with aggravation. 

Over in Manchester, two Clarendon men who have been implicated in the robbery three female foreign nationals on the Spur Tree Main Road on Saturday, August 24, have been charged.

Reports are that about 6:45 p.m., the women were travelling along the roadway, when they heard a noise coming from beneath the vehicle and stopped to make some checks.

A Toyota Probox motorcar was allegedly driven up behind them, from which the occupants exited, purporting to render assistance to the females.

Two of the men who were armed with knives, reportedly subsequently robbed the women.

The police were alerted and the Probox motorcar was intercepted. The vehicle and its occupants were searched and the stolen items were recovered.

The men who were later identified as the robbers, were arrested and subsequently charged.

They are 26-year-old Mark Grant, a taxi operator, and 23-year-old Shamar Anderson, both of Palmer’s Cross in Clarendon.

They are both scheduled to appear in the Manchester Parish Court on Wednesday, September 4, to answer to the charges of robbery with aggravation, assault at Common-law, assault with intent to rob, and conspiracy to rob.

Meanwhile, in Kingston, two men were charged for two separate incidents which occurred in the vicinity of ‘Parade’ in downtown Kingston. Clive Shard, 61, a salesman of Chancery Lane, Kingston, was charged with wounding with intent after he stabbed a man, resulting in him been hospitalised for five days.

This was while Shane Pryce, a 28-years-old unemployed of Pink Lane, Kinston, was charged with robbery with aggravation after he reportedly robbed a man of his gold necklace. Pryce was chased and held by a plain clothes police officer and was consequently charged.

Back in Manchester, detectives have reaped success with several cases of larceny and illegal possession of firearms over recent weeks. Among those now charged are 24-year-old Stivaano Broen and 30-year-old Anthony Discon. They are booked for breaking and larceny.

Both men are said to be security guards who reside in Mandeville and were accused of unlawfully gaining access to a business place on Ward Avenue in Mandeville, where they reportedly stole goods and cash.

Also, 32-year-old Sean Robinson, who was on bail for murder, was accosted by the police for breaching his curfew order. He was searched by lawmen and an illegal firearm, a Beretta 9mm semi-automatic pistol with a magazine with six 9mm rounds of ammunition, was reportedly found in his possession.

He was taken into custody and charged with illegal possession of firearm and ammunition on Thursday.

Another Manchester resident, Tyrone Grant, was charged with illegal possession of firearm and assault at common law, arising from an alleged longstanding dispute which culminated with Robinson reportedly pointing an illegal firearm at a man during a conflict.

Additionally, 39-year-old Oran Richards, a carpenter of Comfort district in Manchester, one of two men who reportedly held up and robbed a motorist of his vehicle and cash, was arrested and charged with robbery with aggravation and illegal possession of firearm.

Intensive investigations by detectives from the Mandeville Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) led to the recovery of the motorcar in the Fairview community, and the arrest and charge of Richards.

Amid their efforts, the police have urged members of the public to partner with them by sharing information on crime and suspicious activities by calling Crime Stop at 311, the 119 emergency number, or the nearest police station.

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