Saturday 31 October, 2020

Cops increase numbers in Spanish Town following double murder

The police have increased their presence in sections of Spanish Town and surrounding areas following Friday's incident in which two men were chased and shot dead by gunmen.

Police say since the incident, they have been getting information that criminals were planning a number of reprisals for the killings.

The deceased, 35-year-old Kemar Hall, otherwise called “Gala”, a labourer of Waterloo district, Spanish Town, and 38-year-old Gladstone Stephenson, otherwise called “Tyrone” of Greater Portmore, both of St Catherine, were killed on the Oxford Road section of the old capital.

"We have increased our presence in and around the town as we are getting information that criminals have been planning a number of reprisals for the men who were killed. We have also received information that at least one of the men, killed, was linked to the notorious Clansman gang," said one investigator in the case on Monday.

"We have also out in place a number of measures to clamp down on plans of the gang members,"  said the police member of the St Catherine North Police Division.

Police report that about 12:40pm, both men were ambushed by a group of armed men who opened fire. Stephenson and Hall were multiple times.

Both died on the spot.

The police say they have since nabbed a suspect in connection with the killings. 

The man believed to be one of the gunmen turned up at the hospital with a gunshot wound after the incident and was taken into custody.


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