Monday 15 July, 2019

Cops discover body parts of man at popular Kingston motel

Body of man found cut in two at popular motel in Kingston

Body of man found cut in two at popular motel in Kingston

Hunts Bay police have launched a massive investigation into a case where a man was hacked to death and his body cut in two and left at a popular motel in Kingston on Saturday.

Reports reaching Loop News are that at about 11:30 am, the body of the unidentified male was discovered in a room at the motel located along Gretna Green Avenue, Kingston.

Reports are that a janitor, who went to a room at the facility stumbled on the remains.

Police were later called to the scene and, on arrival, the body was seen with a plastic bag tied over the head. The upper torso was seen in the bathroom and the lower half near the shower.

Police say they have not yet established a motive into the killing.

Loop News sources say the victim is believed to be a male cross dresser and drug mule, who had ingested drugs. Reports are that he was brought to the facility and cut open and the contents removed from his body.

Police have not confirmed or denied the reports.

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