Saturday 22 February, 2020

Cops apprehend two suspects linked to robbery in downtown, Kingston

Police say they have apprehended two suspects linked to the break in at a business place on Princess Street, downtown Kingston on Friday

“Less than 24 hours after we received reports about the incident we have apprehended two men we believe are linked to the robbery. The men were held during an operation in the downtown area,” one police source told Loop News.

Reports are that at about 10:30pm, criminals went to the location where they forced open a door to the facility and removed goods and several other items. The men then made their escape from the area.

Vendors who ply their trade in downtown Kingston say the incident is the fourth robbery reported in the last three days in areas that are close to Denham Town where the second Zone of Special Operation (ZOSO) is in place.

As a result of the attacks vendors issued a call for police to increase their presence in areas that are close to Denham Town.

Vendors claim that criminals are leaving from areas where security forces are now flooding to go to nearby communities to hide and continue their illegal activities.

In another incident on Friday morning a team of police apprehended a man who reportedly held up a woman along Beckford Street.

A senior officer from the Darling Street police station reported that at about 9:00am police were on patrol along Beckford Street when they got report that a man held up and robbed a woman of her bag and several other items.

Police said they responded and the suspect was held and a female bag and smart phone found in his possession.

A day before that incident criminals held up and robbed a medical student as he made his way from the Kingston Public Hospital.

Senior officer from the Central Police Station who confirmed the reports said the medical student was walking along the road way when he was reportedly held up and robbed of an undetermined sum.

One vendor who operators close to Coronation market reported that a day before that attack (Wednesday) criminals held up and robbed a small group of vendors along Oxford Street.





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