Tuesday 11 August, 2020

Cops allegedly expose man's interaction with cross-dresser prostitute

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is taking flak over the manner in which police officers intervened in an altercation between a dreadlocked man and a male cross-dressing prostitute in which the former was videotaped while still wearing a condom.

With social media users blasting the police for their handling of the matter in which the dreadlocked man was obviously humiliated, the JCF has indicated that the Inspectorate and Professional Standards Oversight Bureau (IPROB) of the Force has launched a probe into the matter.

It is not immediately clear where the interaction took place but social media users say it was in the New Kingston area which is notorious for prostitution.

The video, which was posted to social media, has gone viral and persons have been condemning the police officers involved for exposing the man in the manner they did, while also laughing at him.

In two short video clips, the cross dresser, who appears to be naked from the waist down, was heard telling the apparent customer to “hurry up and come pay (me) before dem (the police) start dig up yuh car”.

In response, a male voice, believed to be a police officer, was heard saying to the cross dresser “wha yuh say you and him do?”

At this stage, someone (believed to be a policeman) walked over to the dreadlocked man who was wearing merino and short blue jeans pants and could be heard saying to him: “draw down yuh pants mek mi see di condom”.

The dread stood with his hands behind him while someone whose hands were seen in the video went over, pulled his pants down revealing his penis with a condom on it. The same person pulled the man’s penis from his pants while he/she and others can be heard using expletives while laughing and commenting that “a dat a gwaan”.

The person recording the video can be head encouraging the apparent customer to “show di condom pon the video”.

In response, the visibly distressed dread is heard saying “see it dey, nutten nuh gwaan” while removing what appears to be an unused condom from his penis and throwing it away.

Earlier, the police had the cross dresser detail the alleged activity between the two, which supposedly included oral sex and actual intercourse before they were interrupted by a girl.

It is not known who called the police but the cross dresser’s main bone of contention appeared to be that he wanted his money for services rendered.

While looking directly into the recording device, the dreadlocked man could be heard saying to the camera, “yow, a style thing dis”.

With the police receiving condemnation on social media for their actions, the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the JCF on Monday issued a statement which said it is “aware of a video being circulated on social media where the police intervened in an altercation between a male and a ‘cross-dresser’.

“The interaction was not in keeping with JCF’s established protocols and operating procedures,” the CCU said.

As a result, the IPROB has commenced investigations into the incident and is making an appeal for witnesses or anyone with information about the incident to make contact with the Bureau at 876-838-3084 or via email at iprob@jcf.gov.jm.

“The JCF wishes to make it clear that the organisation takes seriously all allegations of improper conduct by our members and assures the public that a thorough and objective investigation will be conducted into the matter,” the statement concluded.

"Out of order, disgraceful and unprofessional," were some of the comments posted on Facebook in relation to the actions of the police.

One person commented to Loop News that, with Jamaica being such a homophobic society, it may be difficult for the dread to remain in his community after the video was posted online.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A previous version of this story inaccurately stated that the dreadlocked man had been referred to as 'Bigs'. We regret the error.

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