Wednesday 3 June, 2020

Closing acts Sizzla, Beenie brought solid end to Sumfest 2017

 Sizzla Kalonji performs last Sunday as he brought the curtains down on Reggae Sumfest 2017. (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)

Sizzla Kalonji performs last Sunday as he brought the curtains down on Reggae Sumfest 2017. (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)

Veteran entertainer Sizzla Kalonji was in fine form at Reggae Sumfest 2017, closing the show with a stellar performance that had the hundreds remaining for his act thoroughly involved during his set at Catherine Hall, Montego Bay.

With the early morning sun belting, Sizzla ‘heated’ up the venue even further with a fiery performance that had him doing hits after hits. At times, he enticed the crowd with just a verse before moving onto a next song while reminding them that it was Selassie's birthday.

He also joined the throng of artistes on the show to condemn the spate of violence in Montego Bay and implored the youths to stop it.

"Unuh a kill off unuh self too much," he said.

Being of the rasta conviction, Sizzla did a number of songs dedicated to his faith, but also had some for the ladies, the system, "rude boys” and his mother.

Among the songs that Sizzla did were: Guns Out, Good Ways, Simplicity, Solid As A Rock, Praise Ye Jah, Rise To The Occasion, Woman I Need You, Dry Cry, Thank You Mama and Run Out Pon Dem.

Earlier, the penultimate act, Beenie Man, delivered his typical entertaining set, and was well-received by the crowd.

Beenie Man

‘The Doctor’ was in his element as he reeled off a number of his hits during his hour-long set; he also danced and joked with the audience, adding to his performance.

After doing some introductory songs backstage, Beenie Man started his act just after 7:00 am Sunday morning with Who Am I, and did nearly 40 songs during his extended stint that also had guest performers, including one of his daughters. When his performance ended with I Am Okay, he had captivated the audience.

Among his guests was Press Kay, a female with whom he performed Healing, a duet that was originally recorded with Lady Saw. Press Kay sung Lady Saw's section and danced in front of Beenie Man.

They had the crowd in stitches when Press Kay started singing to Beenie Man "remember when mi put it pon you," and again tried to engage him in a dance, to which he responded "Krystal (his partner) a guh chop up you".

Among the other songs that Beenie delivered to ‘forwards’ were Romie, Old Dawg, Tear Off Mi Garment, Blackboard, Modelling, Dude, King Of The Dancehall, Let's Go and Certain Gal.

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