Tuesday 22 January, 2019

Clansman gang a family business, say police

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fitz Bailey

The man who is said to have led the split in the notorious Clansman gang and who himself allegedly leads one half of the criminal outfit, was allegedly making it a family business.

Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, his mother Millicent Brown, brother Kevaughn Green and other close family members are now in custody awaiting their day in court.

Bryan, who was arrested about a week before the State of Public Emergency was imposed in the St Catherine North Police Division on March 18, has been charged under the anti-gang legislation.

Specifically he has been charged with attempting to recruit an adult to join a criminal organization and with leading a criminal organization, according to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Fitz Bailey, who heads the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC).

Bailey also told a press conference on Tuesday that internal feuding in the gang led to 78 of the 134 murders committed in 2017 and 25 of the 49 committed so far in 2018 in the St Catherine North Police Division.

Bailey revealed that Bryan’s mother has been charged with being part of a criminal organization for allowing the facilitation of serious offences while his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, Alecia Brown, and three other members of the gang were similarly charged. They are to face the court on Friday.

ACP Bailey said the family members were held in an upper St Andrew community where they had been in hiding for over a year. He said they were paying US$1,500 or J$187,000 in monthly rental. Bailey said residents commended the police for removing them from their community.

According to the police, Bryan has been in conflict with Tesha Miller, whom they claimed heads the other faction of the notorious gang.

ACP Bailey said that St Catherine, and specifically Spanish Town, has been one of the most problematic police districts for a number of years.

The Clansman gang reportedly earns some $85 million annually from criminal activities.

According to Bailey, factions of the gang have been warring for the control of space, gun and extortion, and have also been implicated in contract killings in the old capital. Bailey said that the ultimate goal of the rivals is to control the space in St Catherine, especially sections where the extortion racket is “lucrative”.

The assistant police commissioner said C-TOC, in collaboration with the officers of the St Catherine North Police Division, has since 2015 been working to dismantle the Clansman gang and, since that time, 32 people have been arrested and charged for breaches of the Anti-Gang Legislation.

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