Thursday 22 October, 2020

Church community plans one-week virtual prayers

Representatives of a wide cross section of the local church community - across eight multi-denominational ministries island-wide - have come together to plan a week-long event, ‘Jamaica Return’, from September 27 to October 4, to facilitate a reflective time for Jamaicans using online, radio and cable channels.

The eight multi-denominational ministry-partners include Jamaica House of Prayer, Mentoring A Nation (MAN), 10,000 Men and Families Movement, Operation Save Jamaica, Trumpet Call Ministries International, Covenant City Church, National Intercessory Prayer Network of Jamaica and National Association of Family (NAF).     

This event has been planned in response to the significant emotional, social and financial impact of COVID-19 on the Jamaican people, as well other deeply concerning issues in the Jamaican society.

“Against the backdrop of the current pandemic, its resultant economic crisis, as well as simultaneous natural and manmade disasters, ‘Jamaica Return’ aims to significantly and positively impact the fabric of society,” said Bishop Rowan Edwards, a member of ‘Jamaica Return’ planning committee.

The week’s activities will include virtual prayer and reflection sessions, focussed on such areas as: immorality, devaluation of life, greed, selfishness, pride and declining family relationships.  

Over the week, periodic 60-second messages and five-minute prayers and reflections will be broadcast on several radio stations.   The ‘Jamaica Return’ partners will also promote the National Pledge on radio stations and on social media.

“Our National Pledge invites Jamaicans to make serious commitments  before God and all mankind.  In fact, our sister and noted author, Yvonne Coke, has been relentless in promoting the idea that we have a MAP (motto, anthem and pledge), which could inspire us to be better than we are as a nation today”, said Pastor Michael McAnuff-Jones, another member of the Committee.

“So, we invite as many as possible to join the on-line meetings, listen to the radio and be sure to come together on-line at 5:00 pm on the last day, Sunday, October 4, to engage in a symbolic recommitment to Godly ideals, through prayer, safe lighting of candles, and by sincere reciting of the National Pledge in our homes. We will broadcast this, our final day of coming together, on Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube, so that we can be collectively committed through shared platforms”, Pastor McAnuff-Jones said.

Daily reflection and prayer gatherings will be accessible three times per day through Zoom (Access Code: 894 4714 7632). Individuals will also be able to join these sessions LIVE on the ‘Jamaica Return’ Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The on-line gatherings will be at 6 am to 7 am; 12 noon to  1 pm and 7 pm to 9 pm.  




“It will be a week of individual, family, community and national reflection, renewal and repentance,” said Dr Michael Coombs, another member of the planning committee. 

Pastor Harry Walcott, planning committee member, noted that: ‘Jamaica Return’ follows on the heels of the virtual National Pastors Reflection event which was hosted by a wide church leadership earlier this year pre-COVID-19.  The focus then was on: Reflection, Thanksgiving, Lamentation, Supplication and Repentance. 

“Since then several members of the church community, and representatives of the organising multi-denominational partners, have felt a need to provide a forum for broader-based reflection, renewal and repentance across our nation,” said Pastor Walcott. 

According to Bishop Edwards, Jamaica can testify to God’s tremendous providence and protection, yet many Jamaicans are widely deviant in many ways. 

So, during this pandemic, he said Jamaicans are being strongly reminded to return, repent and rest in our salvation as set out in Isaiah 30:15.


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