Sunday 16 June, 2019

‘Chucky’ Brown confessed to shootings and killings – INDECOM boss

Assistant Commissioner of the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM), Hamish Campbell, testified Tuesday at the murder trial of police constable Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown in the Home Circuit Court that he (Campbell) met with and recorded the accused man twice, during which Brown confessed to "shooting and killing people".

Campbell told the court under examination that during the first meeting Brown appeared to unburden himself, during which time he was relaxed and amiable.

According to Campbell, Brown revealed during the meetings that he was part of a special police squad that was involved in “shooting and killing people”.

Both meetings were held in August 2013 – one at a hotel in Mandeville and the other at INDECOM’s headquarters in New Kingston.

Campbell told the court that during the Mandeville meeting, Brown told him and another senior INDECOM officer how he and other police officers would shoot and kill people.

According to Campbell, Brown offered even more details on the activities of the special squad during their second meeting.

At that point in the trial, lead prosecutor, Caroline Hay, questioned whether Campbell had formed the view that Brown was implicating himself.

“At the time it was quite clear,” Campbell responded.

He explained that he did not caution Brown at the time because he did not want to change the tone of the meeting.

He said he also had safety concerns, as both Brown and the INDECOM investigator who was with him were armed, and they were in a small room. As such, Campbell said he did not want to suddenly inform Brown that he was under caution.

However, before the second meeting, Brown was told that he would be under caution, and also to bring his lawyer.

When asked whether Brown gave a reason for speaking to INDECOM, Campbell described Brown as being angry with the Police High Command, as he thought he was being wrongly accused of a fatal shooting at May Pen Hospital in 2013.

“They had seized his gun and removed him from operational duties. He knew a lot of details about that shooting. He thought he was being unfairly treated in respect to that matter," Campbell testified.

Meanwhile, following Campbell’s testimony, a compact disc which is said to contain an interview in which Brown mentioned the killing of Robert 'Gutty' Dawkins, was admitted into evidence.

A transcript of the recording of the meeting was also admitted into evidence, as well as three CDs containing an interview with Brown at INDECOM's New Kingston head office.

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