Tuesday 21 May, 2019

Changes to traffic flow on Mandela Highway

The National Works Agency (NWA) has advised of changes to the traffic flow on the Mandela Highway which is undergoing major reconstruction. The changes, which were announced on Monday, came after motorists vented their frustration after being stuck in traffic for an extended period on the busy thoroughfare earlier in the day.

In a news release, the NWA said motorists travelling towards Kingston along the highway will notice traffic changes which are now in effect following the completion of a new 3.4 kilometre section of the roadway between the Highway 2000 East/West Off Ramp and Tom Cringle Drive. Those works were completed on Monda.
Manager, communication and customer services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, said the new section of the roadway onto which eastbound traffic has been redirected, is accommodating two lanes of traffic.

“The old eastbound road which borders the Ferry police station and the Hydel Group of Schools is now being operated as a two-way corridor. Therefore motorists wishing to access the Hydel Group of Schools, the Ferry community or Ferry police station can do so via this roadway at Tom Cringle Drive,” the NWA said.

Shaw explained that the switching of traffic is to facilitate the completion of work on the eastbound carriageway in the vicinity of the Ferry Police Station which is to be widened and an off ramp built. These works are to be completed by April 1.

He added that this will then allow for the placement of both east and westbound traffic on the new road during the first week of April following which soil stabilisation work and the placement of additional base material for the construction of the westbound lanes will be undertaken.

The police have been engaged at the highest level to ensure that the changes have minimal impact on the travelling public. Additional flag-persons are placed along the corridor and new signs erected as part of the overall safety plan.
Public passenger operators and commuters are being advised to exercise extreme caution when using the improved Mandela Highway, especially over the next few months. Bus operators are being asked to pick up and set down passengers in the extreme left lane of the roadway.

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