Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Cayman might soon begin testing the entire population for COVID-19

Cayman Islands' Governor Martyn Roper has advised that the key to flattening the curve is through social distancing and testing.

And on that note, today Cayman received excellent news.

Until now, the stay at home orders have been followed by the population for the most part, but the country has struggled with the availability of tests.

But it now appears the government of South Korea may be able to provide Cayman with the reagent capacity to provide 200,000 PCR tests. Cayman will also be receiving 1,700 tests via the British Airways flight that comes in on Tuesday. There are currently no further flights scheduled for the near future.

The order has already been placed with the South Korean government; however, Cayman is still working on how to get the shipment here. There are a number of options but the British Airways flight arriving Tuesday is currently not an option for delivering the tests from South Korea.

Other supplies coming via the air bridge include 190 boxes of gloves, 600 surgical masks and 2,500 isolation gowns.

The Chief Medical Officer has also reported that Doctor's Hospital's PCR machine is larger than that of the HSA, and this will complement the testing capabilities of the HSA.

PCR tests are considered to be the gold standard for COVID-19 testing.

This will make a major positive impact in the Cayman Islands. If those who are found to be positive on a country-wide testing program would self-isolate, then the island could eradicate COVID-19 in a short time frame.

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