Sunday 21 July, 2019

Caretaker calls for Denise Daley’s resignation for ‘green' comments

Rev Dwight Peccoo

Rev Dwight Peccoo

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) caretaker for Eastern St Catherine, Rev Dwight Peccoo, on Friday called for the resignation of his opponent, Eastern St Catherine Member of Parliament (MP), Denise Daley, for what he described as her “very tribal political vitriolic comments” at a recent People’s National Party (PNP) meeting in West Rural St Andrew.

Peccoo, in a release, said Daley’s statement served to “(drive) a wedge between political sides by indicating that people in green have to leave her constituency.”

In frontally positing his position on the development that has landed Daley into political hot water of the kind that recently beset South East Clarendon MP, Rudyard Spencer, for a similarly extremely partisan political statement, Peccoo reflected historically.

“I have been affiliated with this constituency for over 30 years. I have been through the good times and the not so good times. I have seen some very cruel violence in the name of politics in this constituency, and we have worked very hard to never return to those dark days,” he stated.

“As Member of Parliament, Ms Daley has a responsibility to unite rather than divide, and to ensure that she represents everyone, not just orange-wearing citizens,” the reverend reminded.

He noted what he described as attempts to spin the comments from Daley by stating that they were not in reference to physical removal. In that regard, the caretaker said the comments from Daley were “quite clear, and the fact that (they were) said at a PNP meeting makes it even clearer”. 

Peccoo said, “As political representatives, we have to be far more responsible in our utterances and our actions, and we do not have the luxury to make idle comments that may divide and drive wedges between people.”

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