Wednesday 19 February, 2020

Career Corner: Vision boards….at work?

The concept of vision boards is nothing new. In fact, creating vision boards has long been promoted as part of the strategy to help persons get everything they want out of life, and some persons are fully satisfied that they are able to achieve their goals because they made visual representations of what they want(ed).

For those persons not familiar with the concept, vision boards are a collage of pictures and images that represent your goals and dreams, the things you want in life and things you would like to accomplish. The overall intention is that creating visual images helps persons to narrow down their desires, clarify their visions, and stay focused on their goals.

Recently, there has been increased popularity around vision boarding, and social media influencers have been advertising several vision board parties for persons to come together and create a vision for what they want 2019 to look like. I'm a strong advocate of identifying goals and working towards having them realized. If you do this through a vision board I fully support you...but what about extending the concept and creating a vision board for your career, your workplace, your department or your team?

Creating a vision board for the office may be an ideal way for department goals to be achieved. At work, team members can come together and get visual images to represent the departments objectives...if the goal is to increase sales for example, team members can get pictures to represent what that looks like in your business and add those images to the board... if your company wants to open a new location, then get pictures of where you want the new office to be and what the new office should look like...add those pictures to the board too. In the same way that we make plans for our personal lives- we can also make plans for our jobs and professional lives as well.

Creating a vision board for the office does not automatically mean that your department's objectives will be met...the work still has to be done. You must take action and the necessary steps to achieve the objectives - this applies to your personal life too. But, in some cases, the vision board may help to keep your team members driven and motivated… if there is a pictorial representation of what it is they need to do.


Malaika T. Edwards is a Human Resources consultant and provides advisory services to individuals and business clients. She is also a PhD candidate at the Louisiana State University (LSU) where she specializes in Human Resources and Workforce Development. You can contact her at, or on LinkedIn at



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