Friday 5 June, 2020

Career Corner: Ready, set, goals for 2019

With Malaika Edwards

Admittedly, it seems somewhat surreal that we are again at the start of yet another year. I clearly recall my New Year’s article at the start of 2018, and I am again sharing with you at the start of another year. As the adage goes...Time flies.

For me, the start of this year is a reminder of just how quickly time flies, and how important it is to make use of the time that we have. I will opt not to discuss new year resolutions (for those of you so inclined, your resolutions have quite likely already been done) …instead, I will reiterate the importance of using your time wisely to focus on your professional lives. It is important to be deliberate in managing your time to ensure that you achieve your goals.

As before, I will share with you action items that may be used in your professional lives, with the hope that you will be able to make key steps towards achieving your goals- whatever they may be:

- Promotional Opportunities. Make yourself ready for promotions and various opportunities at your current job if this forms part of your goals for this year. Discuss opportunities for more senior positions with your manager and prepare yourself to fit into those roles once they become available (project assignments, training, job rotations etc.)

- Develop your skills. Use this year to upgrade your skills and to learn new ones. If you believe that you are not as effective in your job as you could be, and you need to upgrade your skills, then enroll in courses that will facilitate this. If you need to change your job- learn a new skill for the new job that you want.

- Continuing Education. If you need to go back to school to get a degree in your field, or in another field if you are switching careers- ensure that you submit your application on time for the upcoming academic semester.

- Network. Join professional bodies or volunteer organizations and work towards meeting persons in your field who may be able to guide you as you progress through your career

and who can also share career opportunities with you. For some persons networking may not come naturally, but it is a skill worth developing.

New Opportunities. If you have decided that your current job is no longer enjoyable, you have lost interest, and there is no more room for growth… then you may need to explore opportunities for employment elsewhere. Don’t stay in a job that is no longer fulfilling and not serving its purpose.

- Become your own boss. If you no longer enjoy the traditional 9-5 and would like to start your own business….now is the time to do so.

I wish you all the best in your professional lives for 2019.


Malaika T. Edwards is a Human Resources consultant and provides advisory services to individuals and business clients. She is also a PhD candidate at the Louisiana State University (LSU) where she specializes in Human Resources and Workforce Development. You can contact her at, or on LinkedIn at

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