Friday 5 June, 2020

Career Corner: Emancipendence and your career

The month of August is a significant one for Jamaica. On August 1st we celebrated Emancipation Day and on August 6th we celebrated our 56th year of independence. As a country, this is significant and speaks to how far as a people we have come. Where our careers and personal lives are concerned, Emancipendence also holds great significance for us too.

This period of Emancipendence allows us to reflect on increased growth and development in the job market, and the numerous career opportunities that are available to us- locally and overseas. As appropriate, we should seek to capitalize on these opportunities in keeping with our career paths. Although I do not encourage frivolous job changes, I fully endorse emancipating oneself from jobs and careers that no longer benefit you. If suitable opportunities present themselves- I encourage you to take the leap and make the career move.

Our Emancipendence is also a great time to reflect on opportunities for entrepreneurship. In his Independence Day message, our Prime Minister noted that Jamaica is ranked 5th in terms of ease in starting a business. If you are so inclined therefore, now may be the perfect time for you to embark on a new career, join the small and medium sized industry and become an independent business owner. Independence from the traditional world of work could be your next career move.

As a people, we have demonstrated that we are strong, hardworking and resilient. We have achieved a lot locally and continue to excel and achieve. There is also much to celebrate where the achievement of your career goals are concerned too, and you should continue to work hard to ensure that other goals are also achieved. I trust that you all celebrated Emancipendence in a way that was meaningful and important to you…

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Malaika T. Edwards is a Human Resources consultant and provides advisory services to individuals and business clients. She is also a PhD candidate at the Louisiana State University (LSU) where she specializes in Human Resources and Workforce Development. You can contact her at, or on LinkedIn at

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