Thursday 19 September, 2019

Car stealing ring uncovered by the police in Clarendon

A car stealing ring has been uncovered by the Four Paths police in Clarendon.

Acting on information, the cops visited an abandoned home in the Rhynesbury community in the parish on Friday where they found several scrapped cars.

The vehicles were of Honda and Toyota brands.

The police said a motorcycle was also found at the house, along with generators to power the tools for cutting the vehicles apart.

All the vehicles, along with the equipment, were seized by the police.

No one was said to have been found on the property, but following investigations, a person of interest has been identified, and a request made for him to come in for questioning by the police.

Indications are that arrangements have been made through an attorney, for the individual to come in for questioning today.

The police are meanwhile asking persons who have had their cars stolen to contact the Four Paths Police Station.

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