Tuesday 2 June, 2020

Bunting has much better chance of beating the JLP - Don Anderson poll

Peter Bunting

Peter Bunting

People's National Party (PNP) presidential candidate Peter Bunting has a much better chance than his opponent, the incumbent president Dr Peter Phillips, of beating Andrew Holness and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) in the next General Election, according to the findings of a recent Don Anderson poll.

According to the poll, 39 per cent of respondents preferred Bunting to 21 per cent for Phillips when asked, ‘Who would be the best leader of the People’s National Party?’. That’s an 18 percentage point difference. Some 25 per cent of respondents were ‘not sure’ while 16 per cent said ‘none’.

More importantly, when asked ‘Who had the better chance of beating Prime Minister Andrew Holness?’, 36 per cent of respondents said Bunting, 16 per cent said Phillips, 19 per cent were ‘not sure’ while a significant 29 per cent said ‘none’.

On the question of ‘Which of the main political parties would you be inclined to vote for if a national election was called now?’, 30 per cent said the PNP; 35 per cent said the JLP; 18 per cent said they were ‘not voting’ while 18 per cent said they were ‘not sure’. Significantly, the last time this question was asked by Anderson in March, the JLP was leading the PNP by double digits – 11 per cent.

The islandwide poll which was commissioned by Bunting had a sample size of 750 Jamaicans and was conducted from July 20 - August 2.  It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 per cent. The results were made public Wednesday morning by Bunting during a media briefing at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston.

Phillips is being challenged by Bunting, the Member of Parliament for Central Manchester, for the leadership of the party. A special delegates’ conference to be held on September 7 will determine who emerges as the leader of the party that turns 81 on August 27.

In a statement issued following the media briefing, Bunting's Rise United campaign said its ‘WE CAN WIN’ slogan was not chosen casually, but rather as a deliberate move to restore the confidence of the PNP to the possibility of victory at the polls when the next General Election is called.

“The slogan is also a reflection of our confidence in the ability of Peter Bunting to attract greater support for the party as party leader and also the next Prime Minister of Jamaica,” it said.

The statement said the Anderson poll was commissioned in order to validate this belief.

It said the impact has been a re-energized party which is now attracting significant new (or recovered) support since the March 2019 TVJ/Gleaner Don Anderson poll.

“That March poll showed the PNP 11 percentage points behind the JLP, and in just two months since the announcement of the presidential contest, the PNP has cut the gap significantly to less than 5 per cent.”

“It is important to note that the PNP has gained support at more than twice the rate of the JLP in the period between these polls,” said the Rise United statement.

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