Monday 13 July, 2020

Bunting continues to hammer away at states of emergency

Peter Bunting

Peter Bunting

In arguing that only poor people's rights are being infringed under the states of emergency (SOE), People's National Party (PNP) presidential candidate, Peter Bunting, has declared that the SOEs would be immediately suspended if youths from upscale neighbourhoods are detained by the security forces.

"Anyhow dem scrape up two dozen sons of those who live in Jacks Hill and Cherry Gardens, and detain them for one minute without bail, state of emergency done… inna dis country. But because them feel is the sons of the poor people in Flanker, in Norwood, in Rose Heights, in Mount Salem, in Salt Spring, in Cambridge, in Anchovy, in Maroon Town, in Garlands - because they don't care about the rights of these people - they feel they can run roughshod over them and take away their rights as they like. But nothing nuh guh so," Bunting stated.

Speaking at a party meeting in St James recently, he was quick to argue that the PNP has always stood for the average Jamaicans "in times like these, ensuring that their rights are protected, and we will do it once again.

"Under my leadership, no more abuse of the state of emergency," Bunting declared.

He complained that under the SOEs, small jerk vendors are not allowed to sell beyond 8:00 p.m., while the doors of the big food franchises remain open until 2:00 a.m.

"The big businesses can sell chicken ‘till 2:00 a.m., but the pan chicken man right at the entrance to the same restaurant get run offa di road by 8:00 p.m.

"The little lady in the community who have her (chicken) coop and rely on the 150 chickens she have in there to turn over to make her bread, she now nuh have nuh more customer because the pan chicken man get lock down. It is the small persons in this country who are bearing the burden of the state of emergency. It is not necessary," he insisted.

Bunting is challenging the incumbent, Dr Peter Phillips, for the leadership of the PNP, with the face-off scheduled for September 7.

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