Tuesday 14 July, 2020

Broadcaster shares Joys of Parenting in debut publication

Broadcaster and publicist Carlette DeLeon launched her debut publication, "Joys of Parenting".  (Photo: Maron Reid)

Broadcaster and publicist Carlette DeLeon launched her debut publication, "Joys of Parenting". (Photo: Maron Reid)

Carlette DeLeon has come up trumps.

The well-known broadcaster has chronicled her journey as a mother in her debut publication, “Joys of parenting”.

Parenting is no easy task but DeLeon seems to have mastered the art of telling the joys, pains, spills, hits and misses of motherhood. 

The work, which is beautifully illustrated by Keddan Savage and Patrick Meikle was unveiled to the gathering of friends and family at Hope Zoo, St Andrew last Saturday who came together to celebrate this new chapter in DeLeon's career.

Carlette DeLeon's Joys of Parenting book launch

Click the gallery for highlights of DeLeon's book launch by Marlon Reid

A noted broadcaster and PR specialist, DeLeon has put together a colourful, hilarious, and intimate portrayal of the daily struggles and triumphs of modern parenting, inspired by her rollercoaster adventure into motherhood.

“I started to write this as a way of dealing with the stress of parenting,” said DeLeon. “I found that sharing my experiences with other parents helped to reveal that all parents faced the same rites of passage. It was liberating.”

The book serves up colourful vignettes of bath time, bedtime, and everything in between - including those existential questions from the curious mind of a toddler - such as “do shoes eat dirt” or “why aren’t rainbows round". 

Photo by Marlon Reid

There were readings of excerpts of the book by entertainer Craigy T, as well as, entrepreneur Dania Beckford.  Musical vibrations were provided by DJ Kurt Riley, as those in attendance sipped on the specially created “Joys” cocktails and other treats.

“Joys of Parenting doesn’t shy away from the challenges of parenting, and the author remarks that even in this modern world, the presence of technology hasn’t changed that it still often takes a village to raise a child.

“All parents - moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles provide nurture in special and necessary ways. The joys extend to all, not just moms,” DeLeon said.

The author noted that she opted not to go toward a ‘how-to’ book because it was far more rewarding to simply share the experience.

“By being personal, by baring my soul complete with equal portions of tears and smiles, I accept that there are no short cuts to being a good parent. It takes work - the hardest, most exciting, most rewarding work of my life.”

“Joys of Parenting” joins the growing cadre of adult picture books, a genre once as rare as a well-rested mom and is published by Blouse & Skirt Books, an imprint of Indie Press Blue Banyan Books.

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