Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Brewing tension between police chief, some cops over new appointment

Major General Antony Anderson

Major General Antony Anderson

There is rising tension between the police commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, and some members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) over the reported appointment of a former Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) officer to a senior rank in the police force.

Reports reaching Loop News are that the issue will be high on the agenda at a meeting between Police Federation members and the commissioner set for 1 pm on Monday.

News of the appointment has reportedly created some amount of disquiet among members of the island’s security force who have described the development as as slap in the face of the hard working members of the JCF.

In response to a Loop News query, a senior member of the police high command said there was nothing unusual about the appointment as some members of the JCF were claiming.

“The appointment of the former JDF member to the rank of Assistant Superintendent is not unusual; in fact, the former JDF member served as a staff sergeant which when compared would be equivalent to the rank of inspector in the JCF,”said the senior cop who asked not to be named.

“Also, in the past, several experts have entered the JCF via this route at the rank of Assistant Superintendent,” added the senior cop.

Meanwhile, another police source who asked not to be named, said “The man who was appointed to the senior rank in the JCF was the personal driver of the police commissioner when they were both serving as members of the JDF.”

An investigation by Loop News has revealed that the appointment of the former JDF member occurred in January of this year.

It is also being claimed that, before he was appointed to the rank of Assistant Superintendent, the former JDF officer served as a district constable.

Allegations are that following his resignation as a district constable, he was appointed based on recommendations made to the police service commission by senior members of the high command.

Sources claim the recommendations were made by the police commissioner.

The development has unease among some members of the JCF who are claiming that a lot of qualified, long-serving officers were overlooked in the appointment.

The reported close relationship between the police commissioner and the former JDF officer is also part of the bone of contention.

A senior member of the JCF told Loop News that the tensions came about because of misunderstanding on the path of some members of the JCF.

The explanation by the senior member of the high command has done little to quell the anger of some members who have argued that, despite his rank in the JDF, the officer should not have been allowed to enter the JCF at such a rank without sitting an exam or without being trained in the fundamental understanding of the laws of the country and actual application of such laws.

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