Saturday 31 October, 2020

Bloody Tuesday in Westmoreland: Two-year-old among seven killed

Houses and shops razed by fire in Westmoreland after criminals wreaked havoc on Tuesday.

Houses and shops razed by fire in Westmoreland after criminals wreaked havoc on Tuesday.

Seven people including a two year old baby were shot and killed as gunmen went amok in separate incidents in the Grange Hill area of Westmoreland on Tuesday.               

The deceased, all of Grange Hill, Westmoreland are: 21-year-old Nicoy Myers of New Town; Odane Drummond; Nadine Rowe and her 11- year-old son, Nicoy Bourne; Sheldon Morgan Snr and his 2 year-old child, Sheldon Morgan Jr; and 22-year-old unemployed Tristan Brown.  

Reports are that shortly after 8:00 am, gunmen travelling in a silver motor car drove into the Sterling section of Grange Hill and opened fire on a group of people.

When the men left the area, Drummond, along with a female vendor and three males were found suffering from gunshot wounds. They were taken to hospital where Drummond was pronounced dead and the other four admitted in serious condition. 

Shortly after, gunmen struck again in the community, where they went to Rowe's home and shot her and her son to death.

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The bloodletting in the area continued later when armed men went to another section of the community and opened fire on Morgan and his son, killing them on the spot.                     

The gunmen then drove to another section of the community and shot up a group of persons at a shop, killing Brown and injuring another man.

Then at about 10:00 pm, a group of gunmen went to the Fullersfield area in Grange Hill where they opened fire at a group at a shop. Residents ran in a bid to escape but Myers was found dead in bushes where the attack occurred.

Before leaving, the gunmen set the shop and three adjoining houses on fire.   

The Morgan's Bridge police are investigating.

Westmoreland has been a hotbed of violence, with some 60 people killed in the parish since the start of the year.

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