Sunday 16 December, 2018

Blake-Hannah wades controversially onto centre-court re Serena's baby

Jamaican cultural exponent, Barbara Blake-Hannah, has waded into a social media furore over the maternal options of global tennis superstar, Serena Williams, who gave birth to her first child, a daughter, on September 1.

Blake-Hannah’s hiccups came after she responded to a tweet from Williams, a black American, on Monday night.

In the tweet, Williams said: “It’s very weird for me to believe, I have a child. A Kid. I’m a Mom, a real Mom.”

In response, Blake-Hannah extended pleasantries before offering unsolicited advice to the celebrated sportswoman.

“Congrats on becoming a Mom, now be a real mother and stay home with your baby. Quit Tennis while you are a winner, and give your daughter a mother,” was Blake-Hannah’s advice to Williams.

The comment drew backlash from some social media users, who questioned Blake-Hannah’s judgement in believing that Williams, the world’s most dominant female tennis star for years and arguably the best ever, cannot balance a successful career and good motherhood going forward.

But true to her nature as a long-time advocate, Blake-Hannah defended her opinion by offering more details on her perspective.

She elaborated on her belief that “there is a growing age when the growing child needs Mom, and three months’ maternity leave is not enough, but five to seven years would be ideal.”


And, as if that wasn’t enough, Blake-Hannah went into overdrive in declaring that Williams doesn’t need to play tennis forever because she has money and has a rich husband, and should focus on not only raising her child, but can start the best tennis school to inspire black girls.

Williams and fiancé,Alexis Ohanian co-founder of social media site Reddit, are reportedly over the moon about their little bundle of joy, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

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