Thursday 25 April, 2019

‘Blackman’ and company again remanded in custody

Andre Bryan, otherwise called ‘Blackman’, one of the reputed leaders of the notorious Clansman gang that operates mainly out of Spanish Town, St Catherine, was again remanded in custody when he appeared in the Home Circuit Court on Friday.

The same was the fate of members of his family and a number of his alleged cronies, who also appeared in court.

They are all due back in court on May 25.

Last month 'Blackman' was slapped with a charge of leading a criminal organisation under the anti-gang legislation.

His mother, Millicent Brown, a brother of his, and the brother’s girlfriend were among six other alleged members of the gang who were charged with involvement in the criminal network. The other accused outside of Bryan and Millicent Brown are Boswell Rhoden, Alicia Brown, Davion Edwards, Kevaughn Green, and Sackone Haynes.

Bryan and his family members were held during a police clampdown on the gang which led law enforcers to an upper St Andrew home that was reportedly rented at a cost of US$1,500 (over Ja$180,000) per month.

In a bail hearing for Brown, the prosecution argued that the 53-year-old played a major role in the criminal set-up in support of her son.

It was suggested that she has been managing the flow of money that has been collected by the gang from businesses in Spanish Town and a number of nearby communities.

Prosecutors also said Brown operated an illegal gambling operation for the gang in Spanish Town, from which income was used to pay for legal representation and securing bail bonds for members of the gang who get arrested and charged.

 It was also suggested that Brown used the proceeds from illegal activities to support family members of gangsters in the network, but her attorney, in denying the allegation, said Brown was only charged because she was Bryan’s mother.

In the case of another defendant, Boswell Rhoden, the prosecution said he operated a shop in the Spanish Town bus park, where he would hide weapons, including high-powered rifles, for the gang.

But Rhoden’s legal representative said the accused was a tattoo artist who had no connection to the Clansman gang.

In support of that position, the attorney said Rhoden was actually a victim of the extortion racket which is operated in the bus park.

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