Tuesday 10 December, 2019

Bigga 5 gets radio buzz with 'Day One'

Bigga 5

Bigga 5

Dancehall artiste Bigga 5 is generating a great buzz with his latest single, 'Day One', which is now blowing up on FM radio on stations like RJR, IRIE and ZIP FM. 

"The 'Day One' single is positive music, message-oriented music that can play anywhere and at any time of day because it is about a real life situation that is very personal to me, and many people can relate to betrayal from friends and those closest to you. Radio ah play it, the streets ah say it shot, and selector Foota Hype endorse it," Bigga 5 said. 

The single, released on the Trinidad-based Universal Stars label early this year, is now available for distribution on iTunes and other download platforms. 

He recently signed a recording and management contract with Fiona Noble, who is the head of a UK-based label. The label bankrolled a video for 'Day One' and the video was released two weeks ago. 

Born Phillip Jackson on April 16 1995, he grew up in a Christian home in Kitson Town with both parents where he was exposed to a wealth of music as a child which influenced his development.  He attended Tacius Golding High, before finishing his secondary education at Children First. Once he finished with his secondary education, he poured all his energies into fine-tuning his sound. First, he experimented with rap music, showing up on a well-received cameo on the Jonnah single, 'Money ah De Topic'. 

"The 'Money ah de Topic' video and single did a lot for me, I did several performances all over and people were really into it, mi get a great response," he said. 

After that, Bigga 5 began to experiment more with dancehall music, putting together all his influences from hip hop, reggae and trap music to create his own distinctive sound. Certain changes in his life have affected and influenced the content of his songs.

"I do songs based on my experiences, things I have personally been through, and what I see around me in Jamaica. The struggle is real, mi face it and nuff other youths ah face it, so I keep my music as real as possible so they can be entertained and learn something at the same time," he said. 

Other singles, the reflective 'Time Ah Di Master', and 'Prime Time', a hardcore dancehall song, have only been released on YouTube via the Crushroad channel. 

Bigga 5 performed at Old Harbour High school last year at a celebration of the school's victory in TVJ's 'All Together Sing'. It was the second time in four years.

"Look out for Bigga 5 in 2019, mi a grow from strength to strength," he said. 

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