Monday 16 September, 2019

Being Broadtail: Me and my Birthday Suit

Dania modelling her newest design called the ‘B34’ which she wore to the Beyonce Concert.

Dania modelling her newest design called the ‘B34’ which she wore to the Beyonce Concert.

On August 31), I celebrated my 34th birthday at the “On the Run II” tour with Beyoncé and Jay-Z (ok I wasn’t with them but they performed and I was there so technically I was with them, right?!?!). Don’t be alarmed, I did not show up at the Hard Rock stadium naked. I think you would have heard about that already if I did. But, I did take the advice of my friend, Nadejah Deacon who insists that I spend at least one hour of my birthday naked. 

So I did!

As I lay there on my back, completely naked - breasts sloping towards my armpits, tummy a bit saggy, firm thighs of thunder, with my lower back barely touching the bed because (if you have a broadtail, you know that your derriere keeps you pivoted when you lay on your back) - I realized that this year, unlike years before, I was not preoccupied with achieving the sometimes elusive “summer body” according to my standards.

At 25 years old, I joined Fit Farm Fitness Club to lose weight for carnival. Their Managing Director, Audrey Allwood helped me to reach my weight goals and I continued to go hard in their summer boot camp. Needless to say, I was super sexy for my birthday according to my 26-year-old “sexy standards.” This became somewhat of a ritual, where I would go really hard for carnival (around Easter time) and during the summer months in the gym.

But 2015 brought a major change in that ritual, because that summer I was preparing my body for a myomectomy (the removal of uterine fibroids). After the surgery, I just never quite felt like myself again. I felt lighter (in weight) but not sexier (according to my 31-year-old sexy standards).

My operation taught me to love my body even more than I did before and to appreciate the changes my body went through and accept that, as we get older, changes are inevitable. And if you think about it long enough (like I did last week), no matter the trends in designer clothes, body sculpting (whether by exercise, eating healthy or cosmetic surgery) your natural body - your birthday suit - is THE most valuable gift you have received in this life.

Your undergarments, clothes, jewelry, tattoos are all things used to accessorize the actual birthday suit. Oftentimes, when we put on all that fanciness, we look in the mirror, we twirl and pose because we love the reflection that we see. But when was the last time you got that same great feeling from looking at yourself in nothing but your “birthday suit?”

Being born naked is actually one of the few things that ALL of us have in common, so why not love and embrace what we look like naked as life’s bodily changes happen? 

HOLD UP! DO NOT JUST GO WALKING NAKED OUTSIDE NOW! I think there are laws against that! BUT I dare you to spend more naked time with yourself…looking at and loving the reflection you see in the mirror, no matter what size, shape or skin colour.

I still exercise and try to eat healthy (though the struggle is real sometimes). But on my birthday, in the words of Beyoncé, I was “feelin’ myself, feelin’ ma feeling myself”, first in my “birthday suit” and then in my Broadtail Suit at the “On the Run II” Tour (according to my 34-year-old sexy standards!).

The Broadtail Beautiful ladies on Instagram loved my Beyoncé Broadtail Suit so much that they recommended that we include it in our offerings at Broadtail Designs! It is now called the “B34!” These moments make BEING BROADTAIL all worth it!

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