Wednesday 19 June, 2019

Being Broadtail: Beat the heat!

It is only the first week of July and between the sweltering heat and the continuous attempts at cardiac arrest from the FIFA World Cup, I feel I might spontaneously combust any minute now!

I am quite aware that everyone is feeling the heat but, best believe, if you are not 175lbs or over, you probably cannot imagine the ‘struggle street’ that we full-figured women are walking on in this tropical weather.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my island home of Jamaica - but I am not particularly excited about sweating while bathing, chafed inner thighs, sweaty under boobs, runny makeup and irritated neck warts.

We all can agree that “thick thighs save lives”, but saving lives is kinda difficult when you’re dealing with the fallout from ‘chub rub’. In this heat, much has to be done to minimize the sweating, the rubbing and ultimately the chafing.  And can we have a moment of silence for my ‘boobilicious’ BroadTails who actually chafe under their breasts?!

If you are a real friend, you will call and check on them this summer because I have heard stories of using deodorant under boobs and I am quite aware that the struggle is REAL.

I religiously apply A&D ointment daily to ease the pain of chafing between my thighs because streaky red marks beside my centre of power (smile) is not the type of sexy I desire.  A friend of mine also recommended the Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel and it will be in my next ShipMe package because reinforcements are becoming very necessary.  But if all else fails, some baby powder goes a long way in keeping those inner thighs clean, cool and chafe-free.

Ladies, because it is so hot, you must take care of your skin with the appropriate products to keep you moisturized yet cool. Morgan’s Creek (skin care store in Sovereign Liguanea) has a ‘Day Time Hydrating Face Mist’ with aloe vera and rose water which has done wonders for my face in this heat. I also use their Blueberry Body Cream to moisturize because it has all the essential oils but is lighter than a body butter. I also swear by their Cucumber soap to “make bathing great again.”

Layers of foundation and powder may also be an issue as the heat rises during the summer months. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation (good luck trying to get it anywhere, it literally goes like hot bread) is extremely light yet it gives great coverage and I only use a bit of Mac Studio Fix over it. There are quite a lot of setting sprays out there to keep your make up in place, however, the Skindinavia Bridal Setting Spray & the Sacha Matte Setting Spray has never failed me.

So if we plan, all will not be melted away! We can still achieve ‘hot’ summer looks without committing fashion suicide…literally! Stay away from the tight, thick, heat hugging fabrics & keep it airy & light in softer fabrics! I know the quest for the sometimes elusive ‘summer body’ is a priority for many so check your activewear tags for breathable fabrics such as polyamide (which is supposed to be moisture-resistant in varying degrees).

Generally, the lighter the colour, the cooler it will keep you. Fresh pedicures and cute sandals are always recommended. Jeans may not be the full-figured woman’s best friend for the summer months but, if you must venture, do so responsibly. I know you may feel the need to just take it all off, but remember we have laws against that. A Broadtail Fitkini (swimsuit made to fit you) is the next best thing because our type of “naked” is always sophisticated, sexy and accepted.

Dania Beckford is the Managing Director of BroadTail Designs, a full-figured apparel company in Jamaica that specializes in resort wear. She is also a Brand Communication Consultant.

IG:       @officialbroadtail


Facebook: BroadtailFitkinis

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