Saturday 8 August, 2020

Beenie Man rubbishes claims he hasn't 'buss' other artistes

Beenie Man performs at Live at The Devon. (PHOTO: Marlon Reid)

Beenie Man performs at Live at The Devon. (PHOTO: Marlon Reid)

Beenie Man has hit back at detractors who claim that the veteran dancehall entertainer has done little to facilitate the development of upcoming deejays during his career.

During his recent performance at the Live at The Devon concert series in Kingston, Beenie listed a number of artistes whose career development he has assisted, including his former rival Bounty Killer.

“Dem seh Beenie Man nuh buss nuh artiste, but Beenie Man buss Beenie Man. Ain’t I an artiste? I buss myself,” he said while interacting with the audience after delivering one of his hit songs, ‘Let’s Go To The Beach’.

He then added that, “Without Beenie Man you wouldn’t have a Bounty Killer suh Beenie Man buss Bounty Killer too don’t it, and Bounty Killer buss Beenie Man too, don’t it?”

Beenie and Bounty had an ongoing feud during the heights of their careers in the 1990s that spilled over into the 2000s, before squashing their differences in recent years.

‘The Doctor’ also claimed to have assisted with the careers of Determine and Bling Dawg by doing songs with them when they were virtually unknown acts.

“So when mi pick up an artiste and duh, ‘kette drum, kette drum, mek mi hear di sound, a never buss mi bus the artiste? Mi did lef’ him fi suffer?” Beenie said in reference to his 1996 hit collaboration ‘Kette Drum’ with Determine.

“When mi duh ‘I’m a bad man and I don’t give a damn’ with Bling Dawg, weh mi duh, a neva buss mi buss di artiste?” he said about ‘Circumstances’ that was done with Bling Dawg.

What’s more, Beenie noted that the Shocking Vibes label that he helped to build into a dancehall powerhouse has produced for artistes such as veteran singer Sanchez, Powerman and the deceased Baby Wayne.

He said, “I nuh buss artiste fi manage artiste, mi bus artiste fi send him out deh pon him own. Suh mi carry you guh a sea, yuh learn fi duh yuh own thing and den yuh hook yuh own band. Yuh don’t come lean pon I. Mines is fi me and my family.”

For years, Beenie has been dogged by accusations that he has not done enough to help younger artistes. Female deejay Spice took the latest jab at the veteran over allegedly not helping upcoming acts in a social media spat, after Beenie questioned whether she was deserving of the ‘Queen of the Dancehall’ label.

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