Sunday 25 August, 2019

Bearing Gifts: US Marines treat children at Glenhope Place of Safety

The United States Marine detachment in Jamaica presented gifts to children at the Glenhope Place of Safety earlier this week as part of the Toys For Tots Programme.

“Part of us being marines, we also love to give back to the community. So we collect from the community donations so we can come and give underprivileged individuals, like these kids toys and make sure that they are having a good Christmas,” said Gunnery Sergeant Vincent Morales, Detachment Commander.

The US Marines were supported by the US Embassy for the visit which took place ahead of Christmas Day.

US marines present Christmas gifts

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He added: “Everybody pitched in. We set boxes up within the embassy and send out emails asking for support and they were so great as they gave gifts of all sizes and for all ages and filled up these boxes.”

“It was a humbling experience. It was great for my marines to be able to see the joy on the kids’ faces. It was awesome,” Morales said.

For Glenhope’s Manager, Fayola Cole, the treat made a difference for the children as they got the chance to interact with the soldiers.

“I think today was so fulfilling because it was a little bit of a different experience for the children with Santa and the marines.  They would have experienced Santa, but definitely not the marines,” Cole said.


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