Friday 6 December, 2019

'Bawl Out' producer Patexx gives thumbs up to gospel-flavoured sample

Patexx (Photo: Instagram)

Patexx (Photo: Instagram)

ANG artiste-producer Patexx has endorsed gospel artiste Chozenn's gospel-flavoured single, 'Bawl Out' that samples the melody of Dovey Magnum's racy hit of the same name.

"It's a good song, Chozenn had asked for permission to voice it," Patexx told Loop News this week.

The single was a late addition to the Journey Music Production release of the  “Rum and Boom' rhythm. The rhythm was first released in the Summer of 2017. 

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Journey Music Production is headed by ANG artiste Patexx. The compilation sparked the career of standout dancehall act Dovey Magnum and featured various other upcoming dancehall artistes alongside a few veterans, including Patexx, Feedo, Ajrenalin, Alfray, Diestro, Froggy aka Badda General, Gail So Gorgeous, Jinyus, Red Fox and Screechy Dan.

Chozenn's gospel song has triggered controversy and has been banned by LOVE FM which is owned and operated by the National Religious Media Commission. 

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