Monday 15 July, 2019

Barrington Levy calls for love 'Virus' to heal the world

Barrington Levy

Barrington Levy

Grammy-nominated reggae singer Barrington Levy is challenging prople across the world to live “Love” in his new single 'Virus'.

The 'Vice Versa Love' singer has thrown down the gauntlet for persons to start valuing the lives of each other to see less chaos and enmity manifesting globally.

The song with accompanying video is slated for world-wide release early August. The single, which is written by Barrington Levy and Gary Benson, and music composed by Handel Tucker, features an amazing soundtrack reminiscent of a reggae orchestra with a hard core pulse. Levy skilfully delivers an exciting vocal on the track in his signature sound with accompanying vocal acrobatics.

He insists that love has to be a way of life with concern for others and action to support the concern.

“Love is just love and people say they love but they are not spreading it or living up to the word love. I think love should be spread like a virus now. Look at what is happening in the world. People are loving money more than people and they need to understand that we spend money, money cannot spend us,” Levy explained 

“We have to work on the next generation. Eradicate poverty change the way persons’ view money and teach them to value each other. Give a helping hand to someone who need it, love people the way you love yourself,” he added.

Having an illustrious career with over 30 albums and a plethora of hits and having toured the world the singer wants this new project to change behaviour. He explains, “I hope the song will make a change in the way people think and in their lives. I don’t just want this to be a nice song.”

The singer, who now resides in Clarendon, wants to see his homeland of Jamaica heal and return to the days when people cared for others. Despite international success and the demands of constant travelling to meet contractual obligations he resides in Jamaica where he finds peace and tranquillity even as he gets pleasure from planting.

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