Audition to be a star with Burgundy

If you think you have what it takes to be a star then clear your schedule and find your way to the Burgundy Management Services’ auditions this Saturday, January 7.

Burgundy MS is recruiting individuals with various talents. The auditions are taking place at 6 Red Hills Road, Unit 16 from 9am to 6pm.


They are seeking actor, singers, dancers, hosts, promotional models, brand ambassadors and a host of different talents. In return, Burgundy will source gigs and work assiduously to create an income stream for the talents.


“We are looking to unearth REAL talent and we are destined to be the Caribbean’s best!” said one of the founders of Burgundy MS, Burchell Gordon.


“Every day a star is born, we are looking to produce fresh stars on a regular basis, we will create havoc in the entertainment industry from now till forever,” Kevoy Burton, the second of the duo said.


The founders of Burgundy are immersed in the entertainment industry and will to employ their knowledge in making the business a success.

“We also strengthened our team by adding two members who we are certain will help the brand grow, Kimberly Gordon, who goes by the moniker LatyKim and Ashley Webber, who is also a fantastic addition,” Gordon added.


Burgundy MS will have their official launch on February 3, at the Santorini Lounge, directly beside OPA! 

You can follow Burgundy MS on social media: @theburgundyms or email your application to