Sunday 15 September, 2019

Attorney Don Foote freed of fraud charges

Attorney Don Foote has been freed of fraud charges following a ruling by the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday.

The court returned a formal verdict of not guilty following submissions by the attorney, his son, attorney Able-Don Foote, and a concession from the prosecution that it could not prove its case against the accused.

In 2015, Foote was charged on allegations that he failed to pay over millions of dollars that was held in a trust fund for a client of his, who was a minor at the time.

The defence argued that the prosecution did not have a case because the money was available in the form of a manager's cheque on the same day Foote was charged, and the individual to whom the money was due is now an adult, and had received the funds in 2016.

Able-Don Foote further argued that the continued prosecution of the case would be malicious in light of the fact that the recipient of the money was not being called as a witness for the prosecution.

Following the submissions, the prosecution conceded that it could not prove the case against the accused, resulting in Foote being acquitted of the charges.

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