Thursday 6 August, 2020

Anthony Cruz dedicates 'African Princess' song to Davina Bennett

Anthony Cruz (left) and Davina Bennett

Anthony Cruz (left) and Davina Bennett

Rocking her fierce 'fro, Davina Bennett gave Jamaicans a reason to cheer all over the world when she placed third in the prestigious Miss Universe 2017 pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday night.

To commemorate her remarkable night, reggae singer Anthony Cruz has dedicated his latest single, 'African Princess' to her using a montage of her pictures. While some cynics labelled his tribute as a "cheap publicity grab", Cruz maintains that there are no ulterior motives. 

"I did it because I was truly inspired by her. I love the fact she kept it all natural 'cause most of the women nowadays are bleaching and not loving their black complexion, but she is the embodiment of black natural beauty," he told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills. 

"We need a role model like her for black girls to follow, especially the younger ones who are getting caught up in today's society,  trying to be who they are not and impossible to emulate role models they see on TV like Nicki Minaj and Cardy B," he said.

He believes that the 21 year old teacher was the real winner on the night, even though Miss South Africa, 22-year-old Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, was crowned Miss Universe, while first runner-up was Miss Colombia, actress Laura Gonzalez.

"Davina made us all proud, she is very intelligent, and I hope our women now see that your skin tone has nothing to do with how far you can reach in life. Learn to love and appreciate yourself , for who you are , cause God made everyone in their own special way. Rastafari bless," Anthony Cruz said,

Bennett works with deaf students and is working on a new sign language app 

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