Wednesday 22 May, 2019

Another record in the making? Tivoli woman hits the 117-year mark

Desmond McKenzie

Desmond McKenzie

Jamaica's oldest living person, Ida Troupe of Tivoli Gardens in Western Kingston, is set to celebrate her 117th birthday on Christmas Day, the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development has indicated.

Troupe is a retired vendor who is said to have been one of the first people to move into Tivoli Gardens when the housing development was constructed in 1963.

She was born on December 25, 1900.

In a release over the weekend, Member of Parliament (MP) for Western Kingston and Local Government and Community Development Minister, Desmond McKenzie, said on Monday Troup will attain the same age as the late Violet Moss-Brown from Duanvale in Trelawny, who was officially certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest verifiable living person, back in July of this year.

“Christmas Day will have a very special meaning for me this year because of Miss Ida. She is an extraordinary person who has lived through so many events we only read about, including the 1907 earthquake, Hurricane Charlie of 1951, colonial government and internal self-government.

"We lay claim to her not only as Jamaica's currently oldest living person, but also arguably, the world's oldest living person. I am very proud to name her among my constituents, and I look forward to the Guinness Book of World Records officials returning to Jamaica to visit her,” McKenzie elaborated.

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