Thursday 9 July, 2020

Another PPV operator held with over 1,000 outstanding traffic tickets

A 36-year old transport operator who was arrested after authorities found that he had 1,243 outstanding traffic tickets, was fined $61,000 and had his driver’s licence suspended for one year when he appeared in the Corporate Area Traffic Court on Tuesday.

The police said a warrant was executed on the operator, Kirk Patterson, on Monday.

Patterson, who is from Bay Farm Road, St Andrew, is one of several persons – mostly public passenger vehicle (PPV) operators - who, within the last few weeks, have been arrested for having large numbers of unpaid traffic tickets, over 1,000 in a number of cases. They have generally been fined and had their drivers’ licences suspended upon appearing in court.

In one case, a PPV operator was also slapped with fraud charges for having allegedly falsified documentation relative to requirements of him by the authorities.

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