Thursday 16 July, 2020

Another gang flare-up in East Kingston; one death so far

File photo

File photo

The police are maintaining a significant presence in East Kingston following another flare-up of violence among rival gangs there.

The police said in one of the latest incidents, a 23-year-old labourer was attacked and shot dead while he sat on the side of the road in the McIntyre Villa (Dunkirk) section of the Kingston Eastern Police Division.

The deceased has been identified as Donte Morgan of McIntyre Villa, Kingston 16.

Reports are that about 6: 15 p.m. on Thursday, a group of men was sitting in the Red Square section of the community, when a separate group of men walked up and opened gunfire, hitting Morgan several times.

The attackers then made their escape from the community.

Morgan was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The police said since the attack, they have been getting reports about a number of other shootings in the area.

It is not clear if these attacks are related to the shooting incident involving Morgan.

“Police are now on alert in the East Kingston area. Between late Thursday and early Friday, residents have been reporting that men in the area have been carrying out a number of gun attacks, and as a result, members of the island security forces have increased their presence in the area,” said a senior police officer from the division.

The attacks come less than three weeks after five people were shot - two fatally - during another violent flare-up in the area.

The police reported then that in the first of three incidents, at about 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 18, a number of persons were standing in the Brydon Street area of the Kingston Eastern Police Division, when a group of men walked up and brandished guns.

Reports are that the men opened fire, hitting two men in the process.

The attackers then fled the scene.

The injured men were rushed to hospital, where they were admitted for treatment.

The police said three hours later, another group of men went to a neighbouring section of Brae Street and opened fire at a group of persons, before also fleeing the area.

Two men were subsequently found suffering from gunshot wounds. They were rushed to hospital, where one succumbed to his injuries.

The deadly skirmishes did not end there.

Police reported that about 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 19, they received reports that explosions were heard on Shoe Lane.

A team of officers went to investigate, and during a search, the bullet-riddled body of a man was found in a house.

The police said the series of attacks was then the latest in a longstanding feud between rival gangs in the area. Now there are even fresher attacks in an extension of the gang-related problems in the area.

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