Tuesday 7 April, 2020

Amazon customers in Jamaica can now pay for products at Western Union

Western Union agent, GraceKennedy Money Services (GKMS) says the money transfer giant has unveiled a new payment option that will allow "all Jamaicans" to access the millions of products offered by online shopping platform Amazon.

The new payment option, brought to Jamaica in alliance with Bill Express, an affiliate of Western Union agent GraceKennedy Money Services (GKMS), enables customers to shop via Amazon.com and pay for products in cash at Western Union locations across the country.

GKMS indicates that Western Union’s platform is powering Amazon’s new cross-border payment option called "Amazon PayCode", by processing the complex foreign exchange, settlement and money movement requirements for international e-commerce transactions.

Burnett... all Jamaicans will now have access to the millions of products offered by Amazon.

The new payment option makes it easy for more customers to shop via Amazon.com and the Amazon mobile app.

After selecting the PayCode option on the Amazon checkout page, customers will be sent a code, along with instructions on how to pay in person at any participating Western Union Agent location.

The company said the move by Western Union and Amazon provides greater access to online goods for customers who have largely been excluded from e-commerce shopping due to lack of accepted payment methods.  

GKMS quoted Forrester Research,  which says cross-border shopping will represent 20 per cent of e-commerce by 2022, with sales reaching US$630 billion. 

“Choice, quality and cost are the main motivations for customers to shop online from overseas, but there are challenges and concerns about the lack of payment options for those who prefer to pay in person or those who do not have access to international credit cards or debit cards,” the company said in its release on the Amazon collaboration.

It added,  “We’re helping to unlock access to Amazon.com for customers who need and want items that can only be found online in many parts of the world.”

Western Union Consumer Money Transfer President, d Khalid Fellahi, stated that the partnership with Amazon was “a great example of two global brands innovating and collaborating to bring customers more convenience and choice.

"In a world where cross-border buyers and sellers are often located on different continents and in completely different financial ecosystems, our platform is ideally suited to solving the complexity of collecting local currency and converting it into whatever currency merchants need on the other end,” he said.

GKMS President & CEO Grace Burnett noted,  "Through this partnership between Western Union and Amazon, all Jamaicans will now have access to the millions of products offered by Amazon and have the ability to pay for their items with cash through the premier money transfer service in the world at participating locations island-wide.”

Ben Volk, Director, Payment Acceptance and Experience at Amazon added, “Amazon PayCode leverages the reach of Western Union to make cross-border online shopping a reliable and convenient experience for customers who do not have access to international credit cards, or prefer to pay in cash.”

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