Monday 30 November, 2020

A'mari urges more Jamaicans to use social media to generate income



Social media personality  A'mari "DJ Mona Lisa",  known for her tumultuous relationship with dancehall star Gully Bop, is urging more Jamaicans to set up their social media platforms and find a way to monetize their creative content to earn money and create more fulfilled lives. 

"Jamaicans are some of the most creative and interesting individuals on the planet, but a lot of that natural resources, the humour, the craziness, the amazing talent is going to's like a fire hydrant wasting water on the roadside, harness that talent, let it earn for you," 'A'mari DJ Mona Lisa, whose real name is Veneice Fung- Chung, said.

The outspoken  social media blogger has been able to leverage her popularity into a vibrant social media presence where she has amassed over 200,000 followers on Facebook, 86,300 followers on Instagram and 18,500 subscribers on Youtube, plus several thousands over other social media platforms. She is able to generate enough content monthly to monetize her pages so that she can take care of her family and provide for her kids. 

"This is all I do every day, I have created 'House Play', a successful on-demand reality TV series on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that has dedicated fans, and is the most trending reality show on social media. A lot of people tune in daily to see my alter ego interact with my kids, and the A'mari you're seeing is just an alter ego I created from growing up with grandmother, that's a crazy version of me, reality TV has never been this good," she said. 

The reality TV series is produced under her media company, Phantom Fireworks Record Label Inc. and she generates income through subscriptions, monetized content, online events, cross-posting, fan funding and blogs. 

"Jamaicans need to use their cellphones to record themselves more especially if they have a humorous and dramatic streak. Plus, if you start using it as an avenue to truly engage with your customers, you’ll be able leverage any platform to increase leads, brand awareness, or customer support. Engagement is a key social media metric you need to track to see if you're doing the right thing."

While she would not reveal actual figures, she said she generates "several thousand US dollars monthly" directly from traffic to her various pages. 

"And I know that you can do it too," she said.

A'mari is now in Jamaica, promoting her new lifestyle brand, CelebPro, which features several weight-loss products such as Oxy Burn, Multivitamins, Whey Protein and Probiotic 40. Last year, she opted to do gastric bypass surgery, lost over 40 pounds, and months later, has transformed herself into a successful body positive online influencer.

"These products help me to keep the weight off, maintain a strong immune system and support a healthy digestive system," she said. 

She is also promoting her singles, 'Neko'  and 'Black Hypocrisy'.

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