Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Alleged Manchester shop breakers booked for Clarendon court

Two Manchester men who were nabbed in Clarendon as they allegedly escaped from the scene of their crime, are to answer to charges under the Larceny Act in the Clarendon Parish Court in May Pen on Thursday, April 9.

They are:

  1.  Joseph McLeod, otherwise called ‘Rothy’, 21, a truck driver of Victoria Town, Manchester.
  2. Gowayne Hines, otherwise called ‘Twochie’, 22, a labourer of Victoria Town.

Hines and McLeod were charged with shop breaking and larceny after they allegedly broke into a woman’s shop in Milk River, Clarendon near the parish border with Manchester at about 7.30 pm on Wednesday, April 1, and stole more than $100,000 worth of electronics and alcoholic beverages.

The police were alerted and the car in which Hines and McLeod were travelling was intercepted.

The motorcar was searched and the stolen items were reportedly found.

They were arrested and later charged.

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