Saturday 24 August, 2019

'All mi pot drop offa di stove' said a woman of her earthquake moment

With the Earthquake Unit at the University of the West Indies, Mona confirming that an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.6 affected mainly eastern parishes on Sunday, many Jamaicans, including some further afield, took to social media to share their experiences of the tremor.

The Earthquake Unit said the earthquake occurred at about 1:47 p.m., with the epicentre recorded four kilometres east of Angels in St Catherine.

The unit said the tremor was felt mainly in sections of St Catherine, Kingston and St Andrew, but social media users who have been posting their experiences said the quake was widely felt as far as St Mary and Clarendon - with one person even reporting having felt the impact in Falmouth, Trelawny.

Among those who felt the tremor and posted their experiences, one user even said it was a sign from God.

“Ppl (people), God is giving a warning before the ultimate destruction. He that have ears, let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches,” said the user, Amanda British.

One group of persons shared a video of a location where smoke or soot was coming from various points in the ground which was attributed to the tremor that had earlier been experienced.


Jennifer Tummings said she felt it from Duhaney Park, St Andrew.

“I was in my daughter’s bedroom when I felt the tile moving and saw the door shaking in a frightening experience,” said Tummings.

Moya Martin, another social media user, said she was actually woken out of her sleep, and felt her bed shaking.

“The bed started to vibrate and felt like it was being shaken. I jumped up and ran outside. It was awful,” said Martin.

Another user, Ulie Sweetlipz, said she felt it in Ewarton.

“I was sitting down and I heard the loud rumbling, then I felt the tiles underneath my feet shifting back and forth, then I realised it's an earthquake,” said Ulie.

Ferrie Miller, another user, said she was at home in Cedar Grove Estate, Portmore doing some washing.

“I think it was my daughter playing with the machine, the washing machine was moving. I was so afraid,” said Miller.

Staciikai Lushus Murray said she was at her Spanish Town home on her sofa when she felt the quake.

“I was at home in the settee and felt it shaking and the step moving, so I ran in the doorway,” she said.

A user who goes by the name Sued Sued said she was home in Olympic Gardens and saw her standing dresser shaking and making a strange sound.

Another social media user, Rheniboo Humble Stewart from Westmoreland, just couldn’t help joining in the commentary, despite not having experienced the scary phenomenon.

He subtly added some humour in to his comment

“Nothing nuh keep a Westmoreland cuz mi nuh feel it,” said Stewart.

Marika Morgan said she was in Old Harbour and felt her bed moving.

Another user who identified herself as ambitious Ker Chatrie said: “Right pan mi bed. Mi nearly drop off. All mi pot drop offa di stove."

She lives along Old Harbour Road in St Catherine

Karen Murray said she felt it in Labyrinth, St Mary while sitting on her sofa.

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