Wednesday 17 July, 2019

Alkaline, Jay Will shoot video for 'Afterall'

Alkaline was in Tower Hill, Kingston on Tuesday afternoon, shooting the video for his hit song 'Afterall'.

Jay Will was in charge of the video production, which entails a scene in which two attorneys walk from the street into a yard, where a female police officer stands.

Loop News was there for a short period of time, with production moving from the street to the back of a house, after Jay Will had the cast doing a number of takes. Access was denied to the Loop News team at this point.

Alkaline, although being present, was not involved in the street scene, but was seen mulling around, when the production was moved.

In Afterall, Alkaline deejays about loyalty to friends, in which actions are taken to people who dissed members of the crew.

FEATURED PHOTO; Music video director Jay Will (centre) behind the camera on the shoot for Alkaline's Afterall 

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