Sunday 25 October, 2020

Alicia Thomas turned her love for art into a viable business

Alicia Thomas

Alicia Thomas

The dream of many individuals is to turn their passion into a viable income generator and Alicia Thomas of aMarieArt is doing just that. What started out as a hobby, and a means of relaxation and self-expression, has led this abstract artist to start her own company which provides abstract paintings and art pieces.

Most artists will tell you that their work is fuelled by passion and Alicia is no different. Though art was not something that she did all her life, beyond her drawings as a child, when she was introduced to painting later in her life she immediately formed a connection with the art form. For Alicia, her work is largely fuelled by passion and what she creates is inspired by the emotions she is experiencing when creating it. As her business grew, she grew with it and branched out to not only creating paintings on canvas but also having them printed on caps, mugs and paper weights.

Though her art started out as a passion, it is now a viable business and Alicia uses a variety of tactics to market her work. These tactics include posting the pieces on social media, as well as placing them in coffee shops, restaurants, and participating in trade and art shows. To make her pieces more accessible to consumers they are also available for purchase in various store outlets. Alicia says the Christmas in July Trade show provides her with not only an opportunity to showcase her products but also an opportunity to network with persons from corporate Jamaica and the hospitality industry. At this year’s staging of the Trade Show aMarieArt will be showcasing unique 3D art and bright, vibrant abstract paintings.

To see more from aMarieArts visit their Instagram page @aMarieArtja, Facebook page “A Marie Art” or call  876-276-7196.

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