Friday 10 July, 2020

Accused woman beater whimpers after judge remands him until September

When James Martin entered the docks of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday, July 12, he was appearing all macho. But when he heard that he would be locked up until September 2, all appearances of a macho man disappeared.

The grown man whimpered and pleaded with the judge to reconsider the decision, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Martin’s former spouse had complained to the Kingston Central police that James was constantly beating on her, and he was brought before the court to answer to assault charges.

The complainant seemed extremely afraid of him, and even asked the court to dismiss the charges, but Senior Parish Judge, Vaughn Smith, seemed to smell a rat, and questioned the soft-spoken woman.

“You want the case to finish, maam?” Judge Smith asked.

The woman took several minutes before she could muster a weak nod of approval.

“Why you want the case to finish?” the judge continued.

This time the woman could find no answer, and after several more minutes, the investigating officer in the case offered some information to the court.

“She always comes to the station to report the incidents, but don’t want to press charges. He is around there beating her up every minute,” the female cop said.

The court was told that Martin had beaten the woman in January, March, April and June.

“You still live with him?” Judge Smith asked.

“No sir. I was living with him last month,” the woman replied.

The judge then turned his attention to the accused man.

Martin denied the allegations when he was questioned by the judge.

“Nothing like that, your honour, there was no beating,” Martin said.

But Judge Smith was not impressed.

“Why would she tell lies on you when she just tell me she want to end the case?” the judge asked.

Martin had no clear answer.

The magistrate then ordered Martin remanded in custody.

The man was in no mood to hear that kind of ruling.

“Your honour, me have two youth you know. Your honour man,” Martin begged.

The tears were close to start streaming down his face as he was led into the holding area. As a police sergeant ordered him to turn around so the handcuffs could be slapped on him, his whimpering grew louder and continued as he was led out of court.

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