Saturday 21 September, 2019

Abusive teenager taught a big lesson in court

The youngster had apparently seen the young woman talking to another man.

When he told presiding Judge, Chester Crooks, why he assaulted the woman, he got exactly the response he did not want.

The judge told Thompson that he was going to teach him the lesson of his life, and sentenced him to six months' hard labour on the charge of assault occasioning bodily harm.

But the angels of mercy appeared to have visited Thompson in his exchange with the judge thereafter.

"How do you feel knowing that you are going to spend the next six months in prison?" Crooks asked.

"Not feeling good, your honour, my first child will be born next month," replied Thompson, who, along with his father, was reduced to tears.

That seemed to have gotten into the judge’s thinking, and mercy emerged.

Thompson was then given a suspended sentence.

"Too many men in Jamaica are not able to control their tempers. So, when you think about doing something like this again, think about how you felt when you realised that you were going to miss the birth of your first child," the judge counselled Thompson.

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