Friday 5 June, 2020

95 Lane residents cite ‘police bias’ as deadly feud escalates

Residents in the Mountain View area of East Kingston are calling on the police to do more to clamp down on a deadly conflict that is said to be escalating in the area and threatening to reach uncontrollable levels.

The residents claim that over recent weeks a tense feud over turf and who should benefit from the earnings from several work projects in the area has been developing, and has claimed the lives of at least three persons within the last seven days, “and we nuh see no end in sight,” said one resident in particular.

“People a die left right and centre in the feud, and we nuh believe the police are doing enough to put an end to this conflict,” said the resident of 95 Lane in the tough general East Kingston community.

The male resident was part of a group that staged a protest at the front of the community on Friday, to voice concerns about the development.

“Christmas is around the corner and right now people are living in fear and worrying that the conflict will place a damper on their plans,” shouted one protester

To make matters worse, the residents of 95 Lane claimed that with all of what has been happening, they believe the police are taking sides in respect of the dispute.

“We think we are the biggest victims in this whole development,” said a woman from the community.

“People are dying, and instead of keeping a presence in the area, we believe some of the police are taking sides and blaming us for many of the shootings, when in fact we are the victims,” elaborated another resident.

The residents said, for example, on Monday, two people lost their lives in the flare-up and instead of investigating the matter, the police have been blaming them for the killings.

“The men who were killed were the ones who came to our community and attempted to attack one of our own,” said a resident in reference to an influential person in the community.

“It was while they were trying to escape from the area that they shot and injured each other and later died in hospital,” the resident added.

But the police have disagreed with the residents’ statements about them taking sides in the matter, and indicated that there are still monitoring the area.



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