Thursday 2 July, 2020

55 cases of sexual relations with minor for Easter session of St Catherine courts

There has been heavy ongoing national spotlight on the sexual abuse of minors by adult males locally, following the arrest and charge of 64-year-old Moravian Church pastor Rupert Clarke for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Declaring the Circuit open, Justice Marsha Dunbar-Green reminded both sides of the councils of the Goodyear proceedings that they can approach her to know what the plea would be if their clients who are known to be guilty would receive instead of having a lengthy trial.

Justice Dunbar-Green outlined that it was a pleasure for her to be back in St Catherine after spending much of her maiden years there.

Gratitude was expressed for the jurors who were present along with a further plea of persons who are called to juror duty and failed to show of the fine of $10,000 or imprisonment.

"My fellow jurors, without you then the cases would not be possible. I implore you, if you know of persons who were summoned and not here, tell them cause I don't want to fine or imprison them," she added.

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